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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Rustenburg Rotarians goes WILD FOR LIFE with the animals


Well known Veterinarian, Dr. Tjitske Schouwstra and Falconer, Adri Du Toit were the guest speakers at the Rustenburg Rotary Club’s weekly meeting last Tuesday.  Adri’s Peregrine Falcon stole the show and Rotarians had the privilege to get acquainted with this amazing bird.

Rotary meeting with more than just one bird

Dr Schouwstra and Adri are both part of Rustenburg Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre which was established in 2005 to help indigenous wildlife. What started as a hobby has now turned into a full rehabilitation centre where they treat, rehabilitate and relocate birds of prey, jackal, genets, caracal and other wildlife. 

Caring for orphaned and injured wildlife is both a time consuming and specialised field. Rehabilitation of some animals may take months or even years as many need to be placed in family groups. Others may take a long time to recover from injuries. Therefore special facilities are required in order to accommodate them and their specific needs.

Doc at the rehabilitation centre

Dr Schouwstra said that it is their duty to treat, rehabilitate and release indigenous wildlife, while at the same time, create a greater awareness of conservation within the community and particularly, within our schools. They provide educational programs for schools, farm workers, and the general public.
You can read more about them at: http://www.wildforlife.co.za  or add them as a friend on Facebook, see: Wildforlife Rustenburg



 Three engineering students, Mitchell Kyle, Richard Kitching and Jamie Kerr, all from the University of Pretoria approached Rustenburg Rotary Club to help them identify a worthwhile community project which they had to do during their July break. Because they all shared a passion for animals they decided to go into a joint venture to extend the animal rehabilitation's  irrigation system.  The estimated value of the project came to R12 000 which most of it came in the form of sponsorship from various businesses in Rustenburg and good old fashioned elbow grease from the lads.

Rotarian Piet Smit with the students

The centre is still has many needs, please feel free to contact Dr. Schouwstra directly at Aran Veterinary in Rustenburg.

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